Gas Service in Chesapeake, VA and the Surrounding Area

It’s one stop shopping at A&B Propane! We sell Propane Gas as well as sell, install, and service Propane Gas and natural gas equipment. Whether you need propane for your 20# grill tank or propane to fuel the gas equipment in your home or business, A&B Propane is here to assist.

The needs of each individual and business are unique.  A&B Propane has a staff of office personnel, delivery drivers, service technicians as well as inside sales staff who are ready, able and willing to assist you with your individual gas needs and answer any questions you may have about gas service:

Propane Gas Deliveries

We deliver propane gas for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture and Government uses.  We’ll determine the appropriate tank size for your needs and/or design a delivery schedule based on your usage. The goal for both customer and company is to drop the maximum number of gallons in the fewest trips possible, while never letting the customer run out of gas. This creates the most proficient transaction between both parties by creating fewer fees, less trucks on the road, and the lowest price per gallon.

Gas Line & Tank Installation

A&B Propane is a Qualified Gas Contractor.  We will run the gas lines (propane or natural gas) and hookup a tank for your propane needs or connect to your natural gas meter.

Service/Repair Gas Equipment

Our Qualified Gas Contractors can install new gas equipment or service/repair your existing gas equipment.

Gas Logs and Grills

A&B Propane sells and displays a wide variety of Gas Logs (Vent-Free and Vented), Direct Vent Fireplaces and Inserts.  We also sell many accessories for these gas log products.  Before you buy any Gas Logs, stop-in to our showroom where you can actually SEE numerous Gas Logs in operation.  It’s all about the way the flames look when they’re burning, folks!

Not only do we sell Gas Grills from multiple manufacturers, we also display numerous Gas Grills in our showroom located in Chesapeake, VA.

Stop-in to our showroom and take a look at our many different Gas Logs, Grills and a host of other gas related products.  You’ll be greeted and helped by our friendly, qualified sales staff.  Real people helping real people.  Be sure to ask for a Tootsie Roll Pop while you’re there!

Budget Plan

A&B Propane offers a Budget Plan for our gas heating customers wherein your payments are spread out over a 10-month period of time. There is no additional cost to be on our Budget Plan and you will have the convenience of knowing your precise monthly payment . . . one less surprise each month!

Free Estimates

No gas lines in place? No problem. One of our Service Technicians will arrive on site to prepare a Free Estimate of costs for your specific job. This benefits both parties by giving the customer a realistic idea of the costs involved for the job, as well as giving the A&B Propane Technician a visual inspection to avoid the unforeseen possible problems.

Email or call A&B Propane for gas service!


“Anyone can sell you Propane…we sell Service.”